Become a Volunteer


Does your pet love people? Is your pet friendly with strangers, confident in new situations, obedient, and happy to be the centre of attention? If so, we would love to hear from you!!

Don't have a pet but would still love to volunteer with CAAWLS?
Wanting to volunteer with your child? Find out how below!



Volunteering with Your Pet

How do I get my animal certified?

In order to be certified, all animals must pass the same requirements:

  • Obedience test

  • Temperament test

  • Health check

  • Probationary period

Animal handlers must also attend a volunteer handler orientation session to learn how to handle their animal in wellness sessions. 

It is important that your animal NOT be fed a raw meat diet, otherwise they WILL NOT be able to volunteer with CAAWLS. 

For detailed requirements on certification as a CAAWLS volunteer please click HERE.


How do I become a volunteer with my pet?

  • Create an account and complete the volunteer application form found here.

  • Complete the certification process with your pet.

  • Attend a CAAWLS volunteer orientation session.

  • Complete a criminal record check, and child welfare check.

  • Pass the probationary period

  • Reap the benefits of volunteering with your pet!

How to Volunteer Without a Pet

If you don't have a pet, or your pet is too young/old/shy, that’s okay too!  We’re also looking for volunteers to help us certify new wellness animals and run events. 

  • Complete the volunteer application form found here.

  • Contact the coordinator at!

How to Volunteer With Your Child

We are always in need of child volunteers to help us with our certification of new animals! 

We are ideally looking for children between 4-8 years old to help us out for one Sunday per month for either a morning or an afternoon. It is a great opportunity for your children to gain confidence with animals and can help you teach your children about the importance of volunteering. Volunteering teaches valuable life skills and encourages empathy.

Please contact for more information!