Recent and Upcoming Events

Unfortunately, most of our events are not open to the public. However, if you are interested in seeing a CAAWLS event in action, or attending a fundraiser, we would love to see you at any of the below events! For more information, don't hesitate to email us at!


Beagle Mania - September 9th

CAAWLS is very excited to attend the 2018 Beagle Mania event! It is a fundraiser for Edmonton Beagle Paws Rescue, and they will have fun games for all our canine friends, as well as a fantastic silent auction. Dogs of all breeds are welcome to attend!

agm pic.png

CAAWLS AGM - November 26th

We welcome everyone to our 2018 annual general meeting! This is a very important meeting for our organization - we use it to review our year and set the direction for our next year. We would love to see anyone from the community in attendance! Please RSVP to


Edmonton pet expo - January 26 & 27

CAAWLS is SO excited to be a vendor at the 2018 Edmonton Pet Expo! We will be there with our wonderful wellness dogs and cats all day every day! If you have ever been curious about volunteering, or just want to pet some dogs and cats, we would love to see you there!