An important aspect of CAAWLS' work is to help those most in need. We have many programs to help those people who are not able to afford this type of programming themselves. This includes programs for people who are fleeing domestic violence, homeless persons, and troubled or traumatized youth. The main goals of these programs is a positive experience for the people we are working with through a variety of programs.


Wings of Providence

Every other week, four CAAWLS teams visit the WINGS of Providence women's shelter to participate in the youth worker-led BARKS program (Behaviour, Affection, Respect, and Kindness). The program is designed as an after dinner activity that encourages positive interactions in a new environment, making new friends, and normalizing routines.


Mustard Seed

Every week a CAAWLS team visits one of three Mustard Seed locations. The people in the centres are usually homeless and sometimes struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues. The visits are casual, but designed to spread joy and hope to the patrons.


Women's Emergency Accomodation Centre (WEAC)

WEAC is a women's emergency shelter, mainly for women who are struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues and need a safe place to stay. The weekly visits are designed to help encourage a normal schedule, as well as providing stress-relief and an uplifting environment.


CASA  Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health

We currently have two programs with CASA, as well as a professional member who works with patrons there.  The CASA House program works with students who are in a group living situation and the program functions to encourage positive social behaviour, while also providing a fun and stress-relieving visit.