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Sharan Sandhu

Sharan Sandhu is an Assistant Secretary Treasurer with Boyle Street Education Centre. Here, he works tirelessly towards inspiring and supporting the educational success and social development of youth who have previously experienced interruptions in their formal learning.
After spending nearly a decade working in varied industries like offshore oil drilling, IT, and education, Sharan truly knows what it takes to craft a organizational environment that allows everyone to learn and grow - whether they work within or are affected by the work the organization does. He strongly believes that a community cannot succeed if it leaves some members behind; a bundle of sticks is stronger than one.
Sharan also volunteers on the Board of Directors for Mediation and Restorative Justice Centre (MRJC). Whether through volunteer work or in his professional career, Sharan makes it a habit to learn something new through everyone and everything. He counts reading, writing, blogging, social networking, and meditation as his myriad interests.
Sharan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management.