Many individuals living in seniors housing arrangements are combating loneliness and depression, and most homes do not allow personal pets. Having CAAWLS animals visit helps to provide calming effects and positive social interactions to residents. Most of our programs have the same volunteer teams that go in on a regular basis, which allows the seniors to form a bond with the animals. CAAWLS is currently looking to expand our seniors programming.


Copper Sky Lodge

Once every two weeks, a CAAWLS team visits the residents in the Coppersky Seniors Lodge. The visits encourage social interaction, cognitive enrichment for the residents, and combat senior loneliness and depression.



A CAAWLS team has been visiting an Eldercare facility for several years. A strong relationship has developed with the residents there, and both the residents and the volunteer team very much look forward to every visit.


Ottewell Manor

Ottewell manor has bi-weekly visits that alternate between a dog team and a cat team, so that all the residents get the best of both worlds. The seniors have gotten to know the two teams, and enjoy the visits immensely.