CAAWLS is always excited to participate in research on AAI and the human-animal bond. Below are descriptions of all research we are involved in, as well as additional studies on AAI. 

If you are interested in having CAAWLS involved in your research project, please contact us, or fill out the application form linked below.


Current Research Involvement


This is a masters thesis being carried out by Ann Campbell. The goal of the project is to a) develop an effective AAI program in an Edmonton school and b) create a template from that program that can be used by other Alberta schools wanting to implement an AAI program. The program will attempt to connect with the Alberta Health Skills Curriculum.

Interested in having caawls involved with your research?

CAAWLS is always open to being involved in new research. Please fill out the form in the link below and email it to to begin a discussion!


Recommended Books

1) Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy: Foundations and guidelines (4th Ed). Fine, A. H. (2015)
Link (
*this is our most highly recommended book for professional members interested in AAT/AAI

2) Animal-Assisted Therapy in counseling. Chandler, C. K. (2017).
Link (

3) How animals help students learn: Research and practice for educators and mental-health professionals. Gee, N. R. (2017).
Link (

4) 101 Creative ideas for Animal Assisted Therapy: Interventions for AAT teams and working professionals. Grover, S. (2010).
Link (

5) Reaching the animal mind: Clicker training and what it teaches us about all animals. Pryor, K. (2009).
Link (

6) The science behind a happy dog: Canine training, thinking and behavior. Grigg, E. K. (2017).
Link (

7) On talking terms with dogs: Calming signals. Rugaas, T. (2005).
Link (

8) Canine body language – a photographic guide. Aloff, B. (2005).
Link (

9) Canine and feline behaviour and training: A complete guide to understanding our two best friends. Case, L. (2009).
Link (

10) Canine and feline behavior therapy. Hart, B. L., Hart, L. A., & Bain, L. (2006).
Link (

Recommended Videos on Canine Body Language

Links to canine body language videos. These are great review tools. If you look at these you will see that many of them are part of a series that would also be helpful to watch.


1. Understanding Canine Body Language   Part 1    Part 2

2. Does your dog really want to be petted?   Link

3. Two types of lip licks   Link