Paws on Pupose: Implementing and Animal-Assisted Therapy program for children and youth, including those with FASD and developmental disabilities

By Kristine Wry Aanderson

This manual is an innovative resource for those interested in learning more about Animal-Assisted Therapy. It includes information on how to implement new AAT programs, information for therapists on inventive ways to use animals to help their clients and the lessons learned from 10 years of implementing AAT programs at the Chimo Project (former name of CAAWLS) head office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and at facilities across the country and around the world.


Improving Mental Health Through Animal-Assisted Therapy

By Liana Urichuk with Denis Anderson

This is the first book published in 2003. It is a resource for those interested in expanding knowledge of Animal-Assisted Therapy. Using case studies and providing sample Treatment Goals and Strategies. It provides a broader overview than “Paws on Purpose”, that was written with a specific focus on youth and those suffering with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.



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